Patrick Lew Interview:
How long have you been playing?
I am about to be 30 years old. I've been playing and creating music alone and freelance with local Bay Area rock bands in my garage since I was a teenager. Probably since 1999 or so.
What was the first concert you ever went to?
The first concert I went to was the Aussie grunge band Silverchair at SF's Warfield Theater in 1997. It was an awesome show, and I went with my cousin to see them live. It was worth it, most def.
What gear do you use?
I mostly play Fender and Epiphone guitars. I use a Toshiba laptop, Peavey guitar USB interface, and Acoustica Mixcraft 4 when recording demos of my rocking musical ideas. My amp is a Fender 25R Frontline guitar amp. I also use a BOSS DS-2 distortion pedal and a Digitech RP50 multi-effects pedal for playing and jamming with my guitar. 

UPDATE: These days, I use an early 2009 Macbook running the latest version of GarageBand to record my ideas. I use a Line6 TonePort as my audio recording interface and use Line6 Pod Farm to lay down guitar tracks as a virtual amp onto GarageBand. I use to master all my finished music before posting it online.
What are you looking for from Fandalism?
I'm just here seeing how it goes. I'm not expecting big fame or overnight success or anything like that. I'm just here to put myself out there and see where everything takes me.
Who was your biggest musical influence growing up?
My biggest musical influences has to Beatles, Stones, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Oasis. I mainly got into Beatles and Stones through my mom. But I became a die-hard fanatic and listener of Grunge and Britpop back in the 90's while listening to the radio or watching Music Television. 

I was always heavily influenced by late 80's and early 90's hard rock and hair metal. A lot of that influence shows in some of my music. I really loved Guns N Roses, Tesla, White Lion, Steelheart, Skid Row, Slaughter and a lot of other underrated hard rock bands that came from that era. But I also was influenced by a lot of 90's and 2000s rock music. Particularly: Grunge, Britpop, Pop Punk and Garage Rock Revival (like White Stripes and Black Keys). 

I like those bands because they don't follow predictable norms in terms of making and playing music. And I appreciate their music and all the things they've accomplished as a band or rock musicians, and made me wanna do the same.
Are you in a band? Have you been in bands?
I'm a rhythm guitarist, singer/songwriter, and rock music composer. 

I don't care for music as much as I did before, don't get me wrong! It's still a big part of who I am. But I don't take it as seriously as I did when I was a teenager and when I was a young adult. I do it still, but on the freelance hobby with others and alone. Music is my passion. 

I used to be in a band called Goldenweasel (Guitar, Lead Vocals). 

I used to be in a band called Samurai Sorcerers (Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Co-Lead Vocals). 

I used to be in a band called Band of Asians (Rhythm Guitar, Electronics). 

I used to be in a band called the P and G (Bass, Backing Vocals). 

I used to have a solo project called the Patrick Lew Band. But it's something else now. It's called Heavy Sigma nowadays (Guitar, Laptop, Electronics, Lead Vocals). 

I was on-and-off until 2008 full-time as a solo musician with the company of sidemen involved called the Patrick Lew Band (Guitar, Electronics, Lead Vocals). The solo project is also NOW known as Heavy Sigma.
If you could jam with anyone, who would it be?
I would love to jam with Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain, or John Lennon. They are major musical influences as far rock & roll goes.
What's the biggest audience you ever performed to? What's the smallest?
The biggest audience I ever performed to was for an outdoor event at Dolores Park in February 2012. It was me, my guitar and a special guest performer on a CDJ. Most of my gigs tend to be small and underground. My smallest gig was when my band busked outside of a Barnes & Noble in Antioch, California about four years ago.
You're stuck on a desert island and only get to bring one album with you. What do you pick?
I would probably pick the Mother Love Bone compilation album on CD with me if I had to choose. That album to me was like a bridge between the 80's and 90's and the things I am influenced by musically. It was like a transition between typical 80's hard rock and grunge, and it really influenced me to attempt something like that for the 2010s. In case you didn't know, Mother Love Bone was the band that came before Pearl Jam happened. But the small music they put out really makes me love both the typical 80's hard rock and the grunge thing that came right after. If there was a CD player in a desert island with a generator, I would blast that record over and over again.
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