Patrick Lew Band Feature Article (

Patrick Lew's Band is an Alternative rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 2001. While mainly a solo project for Taiwanese American underground musician, songwriter, artist and guitarist Patrick Lew, this project mainly consists of work and material that Lew himself created musically for himself when playing guitar in short-lived Bay Area bands, Silent Minister and Band of Asians. And song ideas he demoed and sketched for his former projects, but became his solo musical work instead for varied reasons. In Patrick Lew's Band, Lew does all the music creating, promotion and everything else without support from other outlets and others. Mainly via Internet. Lew began pursuing music as a passionate interest and serious career at age 13 locally in San Francisco's Bay Area, but currently is doing music creatively and independently. Mainly through technology like the Internet and digital music software. And other reasons such as full-time college education, personal issues and to spend time with family as a reason for not performing locally in public for the time being.

Lew was born on November 15, 1985. And currently attends CSU East Bay for University studying a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy. Some of his hobbies include self-improvement, video games, computers, writing, visual art and technology.
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