Patrick Lew Band Review

Patrick Lew Band - Our Time Is Gonna Come
The king of out of sync anarchy is back here but with more definition. I really love how the pieces of Patrick's songs are in time on the beat but the bars seem to be little more than guides. That is here. Patick had promised me a better production on his new stuff and it is here. The punch and sound is clearer and the lyrics can be made out without losing the energy of that ever distorted PLB style. This is definitely American style punk of the west coast variety but it's as ever hypnotic as Patrick's music usually is. I can't help feel that if you heard PLB for the first time, the first few seconds would be possibly confusing and off-putting, but repeat listens make it strangely engrossing. So in short, the usual bizarre syncing of PLB but with more clear definition on the rhythm, the same old punk energy and better production without loss of punkiness. Great stuff!

Howard Billington
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