The Patrick Lew Band was previously an sporadic online collaboration project between friends and former schoolmates from California State University, East Bay. They performed under many “guises” such as Famiglia, Samurai Sorcerers and so forth,. After a few home-recorded demo albums between 2009 to 2012, the former band talked about making their band to transition from being an online collaboration to becoming in between a live performing and home recording local rock band. However, tensions flared within the band over creative and religious differences. Lew wanted to take his band and put it out there to see where the band’s music would go, whereas the other band members were uninterested in pursuing a secular area in the music business.

The idea eventually was abandoned, and Lew was dealing with a loveless relationship with his former fiancee which affected and drained him mentally. Having played in the indie scene in many failed startup bands and false starts for over a decade, Patrick Lew seemed to have lost his passion for music. When his relationship with his then-fiancee ended, Lew decided to rekindle his passion for playing music and doing home recording.

The Patrick Lew Band as we know it now started in 2015 as a home studio project where Lew would write songs or compose instrumental ideas and post them on social-media to see what comes out of it. It was at this point, Lew uploaded a raw and unmastered copy of the song “Cut the Cord” on his page. Digital HDTV antenna makers Antennas Direct heard the song and contacted Patrick Lew for an exclusive interview and endorsed Patrick Lew Band as their “cord cutting” spokesmodel. [Read More...]
The Definitive Patrick Lew Band Biography
To describe Patrick Lew Band is to describe a phenomenon in the unsigned music world that many musicians have experienced but that this one artist exemplifies. It is the world of the underground celebrity. The presentation of a musical vision to a smaller audience, but with no less heart then that of a rock legend on a world wide stadium tour.

We spoke to the titular front man, and today we'll be taking a closer look at a singer/songwriter with an online following, lots to say, dedicated musical collaborators and a somewhat relatable story. There may not be paparazzi hiding in the bushes, but Patrick Lew Band has found it's very own brand of celebrity along the way.
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Breaking The Mold: The Patrick Lew Story
My friend Patrick Lew is not the stereotypical Asian American guy people think of. He decided to go on his own path to pursue his dreams of being a musician and being happy. This paper is using deconstruction to explain his difficulties dealing with his culture, disabilities, and his dreams. I picked him because his story is like a lot people who are children of immigrants but it is also not like them either. He still struggles with his family’s expectations and disappointments with him. This still hurts him which makes him sometimes hate his own ethnic identity.The first sign is being the child of immigrant parents from China and Taiwan. They came to the United States in the early nineteen-eighties. They worked in hotels and restaurants to make ends meet.

They expected their two sons to have a hard work ethic and strive to have a successful career. Patrick with all his problems does work hard at his job and his manager has taken notice too. On the other hand, he likes to go out and have friends and sometimes slack off and listen or play his music instead of working. This by his parents has been seen as being lazy and does not want to do anything to better his life. His love of music and wanting to be a musician has been the biggest rift between him, his father and his father’s side of the family. They want him to just work and have a career without following his passions. Being a musician is looked down upon because it is seen as a crazy dream. It is also seen again as lazy, not normal and will not make enough money to support him and take care of his father. His dad made sure to tell him there was no such thing as an Asian rock star. The other signifier is having a good job could mean good status for his family in their community. From Patrick’s experience and what he told me “having a high social status is everything to many Asian Americans.” For his dad, he wanted Patrick to be married, a career, a car and his own place, He does have his car [Read More...]
Who is Patrick Lew?
"Who is Patrick Lew?"
As guitarist, composer and the lead vocalist for the Patrick Lew Band and also as a guitarist for TheVerse and Band of Asians, Patrick Lew is well known for his eccentric charm, unique singing voice and identifiable guitar riffs and style of rhythm.
He was born on November 15, 1985 to Winnie and Winson Lew. He is a second generation Asian American of Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese descent. Life wasn’t easy for the young Patrick Lew growing up as his beloved grandfather passed away at the age of four and spent his youth getting bullied and getting himself into misadventure and trouble with his peers. He played little league sports as a hobby until he began playing guitar and fell in love with it at the age of fourteen.
While in school, Lew was desperate and determined to play music in a band. Aside from his troubles as a teenager, he was also known for being a mischievous and rebellious prankster - ultimately questioning and challenging public education and the “more” popular crowd in school. At Wallenberg High School, he was introduced to future bandmates (which ultimately became the first lineup for Patrick Lew Band) Tommy Loi and Eddie Blackburn. On his days off during high school, he would often play guitar and attempt to write his own music on a Portastudio. Eventually, he convinced his friends from Wallenberg Tommy and Eddie to join a garage band with him and attempt to play music together, forming the first incarnation of the Patrick Lew Band. They would begin putting themselves out there on the Internet and upload their home-recorded ideas hoping to make a niche. Between 2005 to 2008, Lew played guitar in the Band of Asians, a metalcore outfit he formed and connected with friends from college. Which included his long-time friend and bandmate David Arceo.
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URB: Patrick Lew Interview
HOW DID YOU FIRST GET INTO PLAYING MUSIC? When I first saw Silverchair in concert back in 1997. I was amazed by the dynamic performance from the Australian rock trio onstage. I was playing second fiddle playing sports in school, and was getting hurt all the time. And of course, I've always loved music. Because I used to watch a lot of TV growing up finding out about the latest rock bands that were mainstream at the time. Going to my first concert made me realize, "This is what I want to do!"

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PERFORMING? Since 2001. For a long while, I experimented with many different names for my band's music. We had band names like Samurai Sorcerers and other random shit. But this was meant to be my solo project with the help of some friends. Me and my friends would do a collaboration online putting pieces of the music together online. Like we would send each other instrumental parts we've recorded in our own studios when we had the time to. So we basically Frankenstein the music together through online collaboration. So I guess calling it Patrick Lew Band it was then. [Read More...]
Patrick Lew Biography (Written By:

Born in San Francisco, CA, Patrick had a somewhat dysfunctional childhood and adolescence growing up. Interested in extreme sports, Hard Rock and television technology and programming in his youth, Patrick began playing guitar in his early to mid teens and formed his first band while he was a freshmen in high school in May of 2001. The band was known under many different previous guises and names (such as Famiglia and Samurai Sorcerers) until finally settling on the Patrick Lew Band name as it was going to be an outlet for Patrick's musical work and ideas. Lew quickly began putting himself and his music out there on the Internet, gaining notoriety along with albeit small recognition amongst the San Francisco Bay Area music scene and on social-media.

Initially, the band consisted of Lew (rhythm guitar, vocals) and his high school classmates Eddie Blackburn (lead guitar) and Tommy Loi (drums). The Patrick Lew Band was an intermittent type of project until 2008, mostly because Lew and Blackburn were playing in another local band aptly called Band of Asians during the mid 2000s. When the Band of Asians abruptly split in early 2008, Lew and Band of Asians drummer David Arceo began putting together Lew's solo project and spent most of the year recording the album Curb Your Wild Life, which was released by the end of the year digitally on iTunes. The band then recruited former Distorted Harmony guitarist Jeremy Alfonso, and augmented their live performances featuring David Hunter (bass) and Greg Lynch (guitar, vocals, keyboards). Due to the differences in distance between all the band members city of residence, college and other priorities, the Patrick Lew Band was mainly self-described as a "virtual Rock band." The five members would collaborate separately in their own home recording studios on the Internet through Skype and private messaging through Facebook, send each other files of instrumental parts they've recorded, and... [Read More...]
Patrick Lew Band Biography (Written By: SPLAT RADIO)
The roots and origins of the Patrick Lew Band lie at Raoul Wallenberg High School in 2001 with a few teenagers making ratchet noise in their own garage in an amateur punk band called Samurai Sorcerers... [Read More...]
Patrick Lew Band Review: Epic Holiday
PLB is back again, or is it still back? Lots of energy and fun packed in here. The guitar on the left is fascinating to me, it's landing on the downbeats but sometimes it sneaks an extra 8th note in there, forming an unpredictable polyrhythm against the solid drums and bass. If I tried it that would end up being esoteric math rock, but this has a loose organic feel and yeah it's RIGHT. A fun jam, cool riffs and definitely more grunge than punk, but still very Patrick Lew. [Read More...]
Patrick Lew Band Feature Article (
Patrick Lew's Band is an Alternative rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 2001. While mainly a solo project for Taiwanese American underground musician, songwriter, artist and guitarist Patrick Lew, this project mainly consists of work and material that Lew himself created musically for himself when playing guitar in short-lived Bay Area bands, Silent Minister and Band of Asians. And song ideas he demoed and sketched for his former projects, but became his solo musical work instead for varied reasons. In Patrick Lew's Band, Lew does all the music creating, promotion and everything else without support from other outlets and others. Mainly via Internet. Lew began pursuing music as a passionate interest and serious career at age 13 locally in San Francisco's Bay Area, but currently is doing music creatively and independently. Mainly through technology like the Internet and digital music software. And other reasons such as full-time college education, personal issues and to spend time with family as a reason for not performing locally in public for the time being.

Lew was born on November 15, 1985. And currently attends CSU East Bay for University studying a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy. Some of his hobbies include self-improvement, video games, computers, writing, visual art and technology. [Read More...]
My name is Patrick Lew, and I'm a TV lover.
Name: Patrick Lew
Age: 28
Occupation: Freelance musician, merchandiser and lover of free TV
Location: San Francisco, CA
Antenna Technology: ClearSteam Micron, ClearStream C2V, RCA, Mohul [Read More...]
Patrick Lew Interview:
How long have you been playing?
I am about to be 30 years old. I've been playing and creating music alone and freelance with local Bay Area rock bands in my garage since I was a teenager. Probably since 1999 or so. [Read More...]
Patrick Lew Band Review
Patrick Lew Band - Our Time Is Gonna Come (Vocals)
Glorious chaos. Great vocal - Cobain-ish good sounding. It does rather sound like everything was recorded separately without hearing the other parts, then the drum track put on afterwards. Simultaneously disorientating and familiar.

Review by Seth Smivet. Thanks! [Read More...]
Patrick Lew Band Review
Patrick Lew Band - Our Time Is Gonna Come (Vocals)
Wow, Patrick's back. I remember you from back in the old days, the forum and Jude's Coconut club. The attitude is still there, but the song and the playing is so much more controlled and co-ordinated now.
This is probably what you were trying to do way back then, so it just goes to show what the passage of time can achieve.
An enjoyable bit of nostalgic pure punk. I've got to admire your vocals for surviving singing this loud .... I wouldn't have been able to talk after a few takes of singing like this.
This is the musical equivalent of an energy drink.
Review by Tim Lowe [Read More...]
Patrick Lew Band Review
Patrick Lew Band - Our Time Is Gonna Come (Vocals)
Love this very grungy very disobedient in it’s style and approach. High attack and awesome guitar aggression. Vocals are really killer also. Great song on your return great amped sound too with a live feel well done!! [Read More...]
Patrick Lew Band Review
Patrick Lew Band - Our Time Is Gonna Come
The king of out of sync anarchy is back here but with more definition. I really love how the pieces of Patrick's songs are in time on the beat but the bars seem to be little more than guides. That is here. Patick had promised me a better production on his new stuff and it is here. The punch and sound is clearer and the lyrics can be made out without losing the energy of that ever distorted PLB style. This is definitely American style punk of the west coast variety but it's as ever hypnotic as Patrick's music usually is. I can't help feel that if you heard PLB for the first time, the first few seconds would be possibly confusing and off-putting, but repeat listens make it strangely engrossing. So in short, the usual bizarre syncing of PLB but with more clear definition on the rhythm, the same old punk energy and better production without loss of punkiness. Great stuff! [Read More...]
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