The Future of PLB, The Steel Lions and TheVerse!

"What the future holds for PLB, Steel Lions and TheVerse..."

I will still do music in The Steel Lions. All the B or C material I record and compose will be directly self-released under The Steel Lions name. Any of my least impressive pieces of music that I record will be demoted to Steel Lions. 

There's a possibility there might be fewer Patrick Lew Band albums in the future. I always save my best material and piece of music for PLB and also with TheVerse. 

Considering I'm working on playing shows again with TheVerse and recording and writing with those guys who are my closest of friends in the studio. There's little time for me to actually record a new Patrick Lew Band album at this point. 

I think Patrick Lew Band will go the same route that many long-lasting rock bands would do. Record fewer albums as I age and doing occasional live shows whenever TheVerse isn't touring or taking a break after an awesome show we just played or recording an LP or something. I've been such selfish bastard for so long, that I might go ahead and build a new lineup for Patrick Lew Band with new members if that ever becomes a thought. 

Expect more from TheVerse. But don't expect too much from PLB. Let everything happen on its own of course. Always be unpredictable.



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