Possible Patrick Lew Band boxed set in the future.

I have so much material lying around from my 16 years as a freelance musician (PLB/Steel Lions/Band of Asians/TheVerse) that I wasn't even able to release an Anthology on CDBaby.com last year. I was originally going to self-release a boxed set of demos, outtakes, live tracks and various recordings for Patrick Lew Band originally on May 12, 2016 which is exactly 15 years after the PLB debuted. That idea was never abandoned, it's just been postponed indefinitely. Maybe the 25th anniversary would be better for Patrick Lew Band to release a boxed set of rare shit? Lol. If this idea does come around, it would most likely feature Patrick Lew Band and Steel Lions exclusively. I'm still young and hitting my strides. Haha. All about timing and being at the right place and right time!

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