Patrick Lew Band to play a show soon in San Francisco!


Patrick Lew Band has been booked to play a show at Brick & Mortar in SF on August 6th. On a Sunday. If I accept the offer, I will be selling tickets to my show. I need to meet the minimum of 15-20 sales. I'm gonna put myself out there to try and meet the quota!

This will be my first performance post-Verse. And my first performance as PLB since 2015.



Gonna play a show but super nervous at the same time. I'm running through which songs I want to play and figuring out how to augment the studio sound with just one guitarist/vocalist and a drum machine or a CD of drum tracks. Lol. I'm not so much nervous about the tickets being sold, but I'm more concerned about the quality of my performance! Stay tuned as I rehearse!



To rehearse for the upcoming Patrick Lew Band show. I'm moving away from rehearsing at The Promised Land Inc and going to Music City in SF to prepare for the performances.

I need a cameraman however and I will be taping rehearsals to see how I turn out musically. The reasons for that is I need documents building up to the actual show! And photos to remember the whole experience!

I take music very seriously. Lol.

Me and my guitar though.

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