The upcoming boxed set from Patrick Lew Band is not really going to be a polished and overproduced album of radio-friendly hits. It's pretty much an audio scrapbook detailing the history of my music. It's basically my version of The Beatles Anthology. Except not even nearly as good. Lol...

What's featured on the digital boxed set are live recordings, outtakes, home demos and etc etc. This whole project took about a whole year to compile. Considering there's a lot of recorded material I've kept on DVD-R's over the years in my closet.

Of course, not everything you might have heard is going to make the cut. Either because I didn't think they were good enough or I lost some of the recordings years ago and they're no longer salvageable or in possession. But I've compiled some of the best recorded material that can fit this whole audio scrapbook that defines the Patrick Lew Band best.

This boxed set is also going to be released to properly say "farewell" to my past and moving forward with the New Era for Patrick Lew (that's me!) and his music!

You can download a leaked teaser for the boxed set personally on my Bandcamp at the moment for $10:
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