Life's Been Good!

I might be best known for my work with Patrick Lew Band.

But I've also been a part of many other side-projects and one-off bands outside of PLB! Such as the Band of Asians (2005-2008), The Steel Lions (2012-2017) and TheVerse (2015-Present). In 2016, I also filled in for my friend's band The Tortured as a touring bassist for a few shows.

I also was a cord cutting advocate and had a celebrity endorsement with Antennas Direct. Because of my gig with those guys, I was interviewed by a local TV station.

I've also acted in a friend's YouTube animated series this year and I've also acted in theater on camera while I was in college.

So I've done a lot in my life creatively and artistically. Lol. Life well lived! Not to sing a song from Joe Walsh. But life's been good.

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