Haters Gonna Hate

I'm sorry if I post too much about Patrick Lew Band on my Facebook page and place too much emphasis on it.

I know you probably get annoyed like hell that I do it here and there. But the fact that it takes up most of my time, commitment, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears is why I do it. I am a dedicated semi-professional musician doing what I got to do that I love doing. And it's my claim to fame pretty much!

I never acted like PLB made me a rich man with accolades like a Grammy. I never acted superior towards other bands I've worked with or were surrounded by. I did achieve some things in regards to Patrick Lew Band, but they were on a much smaller scale and I can rest on my laurels now that I've at least done something with it rather than let it go to waste. I don't ask for much. It's not like I'm aiming to be as mega famous as Metallica were. Although that would be great. I'm just a modest guy when it comes to rock and roll.

Everyone has a passion in life. It just so happens my music in PLB is my baby girl. TheVerse is too. But PLB was what made Patrick Lew the man he is today. I don't see any valid reason why someone would get mad at me for posting about something I've been dedicated to since 2001. It's not on me though!

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