Life's Been Good!

I might be best known for my work with Patrick Lew Band.

But I've also been a part of many other side-projects and one-off bands outside of PLB! Such as the Band of Asians (2005-2008), The Steel Lions (2012-2017) and TheVerse (2015-Present). In 2016, I also filled in for my friend's band The Tortured as a touring bassist for a few shows.

I also was a cord cutting advocate and had a celebrity endorsement with Antennas Direct. Because of my gig with those guys, I was interviewed by a local TV station.

I've also acted in a friend's YouTube animated series this year and I've also acted in theater on camera while I was in college.

So I've done a lot in my life creatively and artistically. Lol. Life well lived! Not to sing a song from Joe Walsh. But life's been good.

I just want to break the walls down!

I'm probably the only member in my band who did something major outside of music. In a way, I'm the "John Lennon" of my band. I'm technically not the best musician out there. But can be very innovative and creative in some sort of way. Plus, I did things in my life and career outside of music as well! Like acting, social activism, softcore pornography (as Madeline Lew), creative writing and etc etc. If that doesn't get me into heaven someday, then it was probably one shitty ride. Ohhhhh my shitty chicken! Ohhhhh my shitty beef! Lol.

Patrick Lew Band Concert History

Patrick Lew Band Concert Timeline:

Date / Venue / Location

Oct 08, 2017 Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, CA
Aug 06, 2017 Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco, CA (CANCELED/RESCHEDULED - SEE NOTES)
Oct 07, 2016 Red Hat in Concord, CA (SEE NOTES)
Oct 02, 2016 The Honey Hive Gallery in San Francisco, CA (SEE NOTES)
Jan 11, 2016 The Promised Land Inc in San Francisco, CA 
Oct 28, 2015 Music Touch at Shops At Tanforan in San Bruno, CA 
Aug 14, 2015 Cafe International in San Francisco, CA 
Sep 13, 2013 Mama Art Cafe in San Francisco, CA (SEE NOTES) 
Feb 04, 2012 Dolores Park in San Francisco, CA
Aug 10, 2011 The Lew Residence in Antioch, CA 
Aug 05, 2011 Chichibu Park in Antioch, CA 
Jun 25, 2011 The Lew Residence in Antioch, CA 
Jun 12, 2011 Barnes & Nobles in Antioch, CA 
Jun 04, 2011 The Lew Residence in Antioch, CA 
May 17, 2011 The Lew Residence in Antioch, CA
Apr 07 2011 The Lew Residence in Antioch, CA
Feb 09, 2011 California State University, East Bay in Hayward, CA 
Aug 25 2010 University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley, CA (CANCELED - SEE NOTES)
May 11 2010 The Lew Residence in Antioch, CA
Sep 01, 2009 California State University, East Bay in Hayward, CA 
Oct 10, 2007 City College of San Francisco in San Francisco, CA 
Aug 11, 2007 Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, CA 
Aug 10, 2007 Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco, CA 
May 25, 2007 San Francisco City Hall in San Francisco, CA 
May 02, 2007 City College of San Francisco in San Francisco, CA 
Apr 13, 2007 Glen Park Recreational Center in San Francisco, CA 
Mar 25, 2007 City College of San Francisco in San Francisco, CA
Mar 15 2007 City College of San Francisco in San Francisco, CA 
May 08, 2006 Vibo Music in San Francisco, CA 
Feb 04 2006 Skyline College in San Bruno, CA
Feb 13, 2005 Balboa High School in San Francisco, CA 
Sep 12, 2004 The Promised Land Inc in San Francisco, CA 
May 27, 2004 Raoul Wallenberg High School in San Francisco, CA 
May 04, 2004 Raoul Wallenberg High School in San Francisco, CA 
Jun 16, 2003 Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA
May 20 2003 ??? in San Francisco, CA
Apr 04 2003 ??? in San Francisco, CA
Dec 09 2002 ??? in San Francisco, CA
Jun 30 2001 Pier 30/32 in San Francisco, CA (SEE NOTES)


1) The Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity invited Patrick Lew Band to perform at a benefit concert at UC Berkeley during the Fall 2010 semester on campus. The appearance was canceled because of Greg and David Hunter's lack of commitment and drive to putting their effort to do the show and Patrick Lew's martial issues with his then-wife Faith.

2) Patrick and David performed the 09/13/2013 show as The Steel Lions as potential legalities from former band members prevented them from performing the show under the Patrick Lew Band name.

3) Low ticket sales forced the 08/06/2017 show at Brick & Mortar to get Patrick Lew Band's appearance onstage to get rescheduled to 10/08/2017 instead from the booking agency the band was working with at the time.

4) The 10/02/2016 and 10/07/2016 shows were Patrick Lew filling in as a touring member for the San Francisco punk band The Tortured on bass.

5) The first Patrick Lew Band show took place at an impromptu jam session at Vans Warped Tour 2001 at a guitar kiosk where concert attendees could play an electric guitar at a kiosk. Patrick also attended this concert.

TheVerse (SF) Concert History

TheVerse (SF) Concert Timeline:

May 5, 2016: The Promised Land Inc, San Francisco, CA.
May 10, 2016: The Promised Land Inc, San Francisco, CA. 
May 18, 2016: Stork Club, Oakland, CA.
January 9, 2017: The Promised Land Inc, San Francisco, CA.
January 14, 2017: The Promised Land Inc, San Francisco, CA.
November 26, 2017: Brick & Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco, CA.
December 21, 2017: Brick & Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco, CA. (CANCELED/RESCHEDULED FOR FEB 18, 2018 - SEE NOTES) 
January 13, 2018: The Britannia Arms, San Jose, CA.
February 18, 2018: Brick & Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco, CA. (RE-CANCELED - SEE NOTES) 
March 17, 2018: Thrillhouse Records, San Francisco, CA. (SEE NOTES)


1) The 12/21/2017 show was initially supposed to happen as TheVerse was supposed to headline the event. However, two previous bands who were on the event lineup before TheVerse was to go on overplayed their setlist unprofessionally and went over their setlist time slot. The venue had a 12 AM curfew. The show's GM decided to reschedule the band to perform Brick & Mortar at a later date.

2) The rescheduled show that was supposed to take place on 02/18/2018 was re-canceled as the booking agency that TheVerse was working with was forcing the band to "pay to play" the show after low ticket sales from the previous two shows they were booked. Contractual loopholes forced TheVerse to refuse to perform the event and severed ties with the booking agency they previously worked with in protest.

3) The 03/17/2018 show was actually a last minute impromptu jam session featuring members of TheVerse and The Tortured after finishing a music video shoot for The Tortured's single "She's Gone" earlier that same day.

Why I use backing tracks with Patrick Lew Band live.

The only reason I use pre-recorded backing tracks to play live as Patrick Lew Band is because of the shortage of a live band of real-life (AKA human) musicians. I would have tried to find someone to go along and play with me. But there's a shortage of that to find and there's not enough time before a show. Not many people are willing to commit and be dedicated to do the show with me. And that becomes a problem. And there is a shortage of finding touring members. 

Now before you knock me saying "I'm fake and not real." I will address to you that I have actually played stripped down "raw" performances with the PLB before with just two guitarists onstage with me and my former friend/bandmate Greg. 

As tacky as a rock band may sound with me singing and playing guitar alongside an iPhone or laptop playing pre-recorded backing tracks plugged onto a PA system/mixer with an AUX cord. At least what you hear onstage, I'm not faking or pantomining my guitar playing or what I'm singing. Lol. I'm trying to give everyone a glimpse of what PLB sounds like as a one-man rock show given the absence of a live band. I'm not lip-syncing either man!

So what you hear is a balance between real and artificial.

Haters Gonna Hate

I'm sorry if I post too much about Patrick Lew Band on my Facebook page and place too much emphasis on it.

I know you probably get annoyed like hell that I do it here and there. But the fact that it takes up most of my time, commitment, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears is why I do it. I am a dedicated semi-professional musician doing what I got to do that I love doing. And it's my claim to fame pretty much!

I never acted like PLB made me a rich man with accolades like a Grammy. I never acted superior towards other bands I've worked with or were surrounded by. I did achieve some things in regards to Patrick Lew Band, but they were on a much smaller scale and I can rest on my laurels now that I've at least done something with it rather than let it go to waste. I don't ask for much. It's not like I'm aiming to be as mega famous as Metallica were. Although that would be great. I'm just a modest guy when it comes to rock and roll.

Everyone has a passion in life. It just so happens my music in PLB is my baby girl. TheVerse is too. But PLB was what made Patrick Lew the man he is today. I don't see any valid reason why someone would get mad at me for posting about something I've been dedicated to since 2001. It's not on me though!


So I played The Stork Club. Same venue that Bay Area rising indie rock artist Ty Segall and Green Day's side-project Foxboro Hot Tubs played at.

I also played at Brick & Mortar. Twice. That's also the same venue that death metal band Black Dahlia Murder performed and an old industrial band who was on the soundtrack to the Brandon Lee movie The Crow also played there.

Once you set out to do something like that, you're set for life. I suppose. Gives me goosebumps and an honor to share the stage and venue the guys before me played as well!

Why I Came Back

One of the main reasons why I came back to playing music in 2015 and trying being in another band is because I really wanted to go out and play shows again. Of course, with social-media I can put myself out there when I'm not on the road. But in today's world, I realized touring is the main attraction for any musician or band nowadays!

The upcoming boxed set from Patrick Lew Band is not really going to be a polished and overproduced album of radio-friendly hits. It's pretty much an audio scrapbook detailing the history of my music. It's basically my version of The Beatles Anthology. Except not even nearly as good. Lol...

What's featured on the digital boxed set are live recordings, outtakes, home demos and etc etc. This whole project took about a whole year to compile. Considering there's a lot of recorded material I've kept on DVD-R's over the years in my closet.

Of course, not everything you might have heard is going to make the cut. Either because I didn't think they were good enough or I lost some of the recordings years ago and they're no longer salvageable or in possession. But I've compiled some of the best recorded material that can fit this whole audio scrapbook that defines the Patrick Lew Band best.

This boxed set is also going to be released to properly say "farewell" to my past and moving forward with the New Era for Patrick Lew (that's me!) and his music!

You can download a leaked teaser for the boxed set personally on my Bandcamp at the moment for $10:
Preview the upcoming Patrick Lew Band boxed set today!

Patrick Lew Band to play a show soon in San Francisco!


Patrick Lew Band has been booked to play a show at Brick & Mortar in SF on August 6th. On a Sunday. If I accept the offer, I will be selling tickets to my show. I need to meet the minimum of 15-20 sales. I'm gonna put myself out there to try and meet the quota!

This will be my first performance post-Verse. And my first performance as PLB since 2015.



Gonna play a show but super nervous at the same time. I'm running through which songs I want to play and figuring out how to augment the studio sound with just one guitarist/vocalist and a drum machine or a CD of drum tracks. Lol. I'm not so much nervous about the tickets being sold, but I'm more concerned about the quality of my performance! Stay tuned as I rehearse!



To rehearse for the upcoming Patrick Lew Band show. I'm moving away from rehearsing at The Promised Land Inc and going to Music City in SF to prepare for the performances.

I need a cameraman however and I will be taping rehearsals to see how I turn out musically. The reasons for that is I need documents building up to the actual show! And photos to remember the whole experience!

I take music very seriously. Lol.

Me and my guitar though.

Patrick Lew Band: 16 years and counting of crappy hardcore rock and roll...

It's crazy to think I started Patrick Lew Band in 2001. I was 15 when I started this garage band. The kids who were born that year are now halfway through high school. No one could imagine back then where I'd even be in 2017. Aside from a three year hiatus between 2012 to 2015, it's been one helluva ride so far. That also means, I'm getting up there. Lol.

Thank you Critics Corner Showcase!

I am very happy about some of the positive reviews that the PLB has received from some songs off my recent album OAKLAND. I've heard my indie peers complimenting the new direction while saying that I'm still being true to myself. Hella people used to diss the shit out of me during the late 2000s and early 2010s. Patrick Lew Band might be currently making music for an esoteric niche market, PLB might not have the large numbers on social-media but with this and future music to be made, this is the step forward for myself.

Possible Patrick Lew Band boxed set in the future.

I have so much material lying around from my 16 years as a freelance musician (PLB/Steel Lions/Band of Asians/TheVerse) that I wasn't even able to release an Anthology on last year. I was originally going to self-release a boxed set of demos, outtakes, live tracks and various recordings for Patrick Lew Band originally on May 12, 2016 which is exactly 15 years after the PLB debuted. That idea was never abandoned, it's just been postponed indefinitely. Maybe the 25th anniversary would be better for Patrick Lew Band to release a boxed set of rare shit? Lol. If this idea does come around, it would most likely feature Patrick Lew Band and Steel Lions exclusively. I'm still young and hitting my strides. Haha. All about timing and being at the right place and right time!

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Started my own indie label Promised Land Recordings.
I started my own indie label called The Promised Land which is a digital multimedia venture where I release anything Patrick Lew Band or Steel Lions related such as music, YouTube videos, photos and everything else. After many problems with getting my music out there through more traditional forms of distribution and exposure in the music business, I created this indie label as a way of getting my body of musical work with Patrick Lew Band and Steel Lions out there today in the digital age. I am basically running an indie record label and music business in my own home for the most part. I also run my own home recording studio and all operations for The Promised Land Inc are done the "indie" and "DIY" way as an independent musician and band in terms of musical entrepreneurship.