Album Cover
Patrick Lew Band
Released: Feb 14, 2017
Label: The Promised Land Recordings
Track Listing
1 Epic Holiday
2 Big $ur
3 Scream Your Heart Out
4 Fuck Boy
5 Autumn Shade
6 East Bay Kid
7 Blue Collar Joe
8 Matchmaker
9 Our Time Is Gonna Come
10 Little Seoulja
11 Adrenalized
12 Chasing Reality
13 Lady Godiva
14 The Good Lady
15 Spanish Dancing Girl
16 Fate is in Your Hands
17 Game Changer


The Patrick Lew Band was previously an sporadic online collaboration project between friends and former schoolmates from California State University, East Bay. They performed under many “guises” such as Famiglia, Samurai Sorcerers and so forth,. After a few home-recorded demo albums between 2009 to 2012, the former band talked about making their band to transition from being an online collaboration to becoming in between a live performing and home recording local rock band. However, tensions flared within the band over creative and religious differences. Lew wanted to take his band and put it out there to see where the band’s music would go, whereas the other band members were uninterested in pursuing a secular area in the music business. The idea eventually was abandoned, and Lew was dealing with a loveless relationship with his former fiancee which affected and drained him mentally. Having played in the indie scene in many failed startup bands and false starts for over a decade, Patrick Lew seemed to have lost his passion for music. When his relationship with his then-fiancee ended, Lew decided to rekindle his passion for playing music and doing home recording. The Patrick Lew Band as we know it now started in 2015 as a home studio project where Lew would write songs or compose instrumental ideas and post them on social-media to see what comes out of it. It was at this point, Lew uploaded a raw and unmastered copy of the song “Cut the Cord” on his page. Digital HDTV antenna makers Antennas Direct heard the song and contacted Patrick Lew for an exclusive interview and endorsed Patrick Lew Band as their “cord cutting” spokesmodel. [Read More...]
The Definitive Patrick Lew Band Biography
In-A-Spin Music
To describe Patrick Lew Band is to describe a phenomenon in the unsigned music world that many musicians have experienced but that this one artist exemplifies. It is the world of the underground celebrity. The presentation of a musical vision to a smaller audience, but with no less heart then that of a rock legend on a world wide stadium tour. We spoke to the titular front man, and today we'll be taking a closer look at a singer/songwriter with an online following, lots to say, dedicated musical collaborators and a somewhat relatable story. There may not be paparazzi hiding in the bushes, but Patrick Lew Band has found it's very own brand of celebrity along the way. [Read More...]
Patrick Lew Band: East Bay Kid Song Review
Soundclick's Critics Corner Showcase
Patrick Lew Band - We're An East Bay Band This song evokes a lot of responses from me and so I wanted to take my time talking about them. I am going to start with the negative because Patrick and I have known each other for a long time via this media forum and I have always been a fan of his irreverent loutish punk that seems infused with heart and passion at the same time. [Read More...]
Patrick Lew Band Review: Epic Holiday
Soundclick's Critics Corner Showcase
PLB is back again, or is it still back? Lots of energy and fun packed in here. The guitar on the left is fascinating to me, it's landing on the downbeats but sometimes it sneaks an extra 8th note in there, forming an unpredictable polyrhythm against the solid drums and bass. If I tried it that would end up being esoteric math rock, but this has a loose organic feel and yeah it's RIGHT. A fun jam, cool riffs and definitely more grunge than punk, but still very Patrick Lew. [Read More...]
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